This Cultural day tour with the San (Bushmen) is suitable for self-drive tourists, overlander safaris, guided tours, and educational and day tours. This cultural tour is the only one available in the Omaheke region and an ideal day activity for any tours that are passing through this part of Namibia. For tourists that want to have a cultural experience we recommend that the San Cultural Exchange be included in their itinerary
San Drinking

San Drinking

Hunting Lessons

Story Time


Half-day community-based tourism with the San in the Omaheke Region.

The San activity camp is located about 8 km’s from the Namibian town of Gobabis towards the Buitepos border with Botswana. This short cultural tour is ideal for those travellers passing through the region that wish to experience a cultural encounter. Visitors can arrive at the San / Bushman activity camp and are met by an English-speaking San guide who will welcome and accompany you during your activities. The Cultural San Exchange tour can be done either in the early morning or in the afternoon on the day of your arrival. The San community run this tour themselves and will be wearing traditional wear and all activities undertaken are traditional Bushmen activities.

The activities that you will be participating in include the following: Join the Bushmen on a walk through the surrounding wilderness area and learn how to track animals and identify different animal spoor. You will be shown how to use a bow and arrow as well as throwing a spear. Get taught how to identify and collect edible food from the bush.

The San will also teach you how to make a fire just by using sticks and how to make rope and snares. Learn how to make jewellery from ostrich egg pearls. You will also get a chance to sing and dance around the fire as well as play games.

The San make their own crafts and you will have the opportunity of buying crafts directly from them. We kindly ask that you support this community.

Visitors have the option at overnighting at the camp site.

Enjoying Work


Crafting with the San in teh Kalahari

Sharing Skills

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